Human Tendencies:  The Third Plane

The Human Tendencies:

  • Urge us toward developing our potential
  • Universal among the human race—guides toward wholeness and maturity
  • Unique at each stage of development
  • The Prepared environment enhances and encourages the human tendencies
  • to the new, prepared environment 
  • to the community of peers and how that community works.  
  • to the expanded society of his/her town, city
  • develop ability to adapt graciously to situations
  • to be able to use frameworks which sort information and build the intellect 
  • to become increasingly aware of static and dynamic forces in human history 
  • to understand relationships 
  • to understand cause and effect in a moral context.
  • a desire to understand his/her environment 
  • to see history as a record of exploration 
  • to understand biological changes in both themselves and in the opposite sex
  • to satisfy curiosity about existential questions
  • to argue
  • to express feelings and ideas freely through the many arts of self-expression 
  • to debate
  • to use writing as a way to convey knowledge as well as feeling
  • to read about noble people in history, be they common folk or notable personalities as well as youth today
  • freedom to move and to choose situations
  • need to move
  • to do large armfuls of meaningful physical work
  • to play sports;  especially team sports
  • to master the body
  • to understand the workings of machines
  • to continue to understand, order, and classify his environment of the natural world
  • to use technology
  • to use his senses in a holistic way
  • to touch
  • to engage in work which has a clear goal.  
  • To take on roles which make him a significant member of society
  • to proceed with his/her work independent of adult interference or assistance
  • a need to perfect his/her actions or solidify his/her understanding (especially technology)
  • to will practice in order to achieve control
  • a need to repeat until a perfect result is achieved especially in problem solving areas of math and science—especially evident when product has an effect on the community
  • seeing the possibilities beyond the concrete
  • being increasingly able to see life through someone else’s eyes (akin to imagination)
  • to order a progression of events  (ex. time management or group planning)
  • to begin to recognize what he/she is capable of doing
  • to be accepted and valued by others from a phsical as well as a social view
  • ability to evaluate self and to judge their own improvement
  • to develop a personal mission

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