Montessori Key Experiences for the Adolescent

Developing Personal Identity

• Developing a positive and separate identity.

• Developing the potential human personality.

• Blocks of time away from parents and urban area

• Time to reflect, writing a journal, clarification of values and beliefs, exploring the possibilities

• Discovering one’s place in community

• Finding success in learning, challenges, physical challenges

• Winning and losing, self-evaluation and goal setting

Developing the Intellect

• Academic challenge, opportunity to pursue learning, polishing academics,

• Exploration of skills learned in elementary, intellectual problem solving, research and discovery

• Acquiring and valuing intellectual skills and knowledge, development of thinking tools

• Reading evocative literature, reading excellent books

• Discussions, seminars, book discussion, philosophy discussions, shared inquiry, writing and publishing, computing, computer literacy, hands-on science, science experiments, science projects, sex education, Foreign language.

Expressing Oneself

• Art and music , creative arts, crafts, drama, plays, public performance

• Writing and speaking for self-expression, communication skills, expression, speaking to a group

Building Community

• Assuming a participatory and responsible role within the community, building a just community, creating community, council meetings (participatory democracy, resolution of issues), town meetings

• Group problem solving, cooperative activities, trust activities

Relating to Peers

• Conflict with peers, social problem solving, solving personal and group issues, teamwork and conflict resolution

• Extended social interchanges, leadership training within the peer group

• Dance and social interaction organized and directed toward purposeful end, the first kiss

Relating to Adults

• Maintaining and/or developing positive relationships with adults

• Respectful engagement with adults, mentor/counseling relationship with guide

• Relationship with adults who are fascinated with life

• Long-term projects with peers and adults, interviewing people

Serving Others

• Caring and sharing with older and younger people

• Community service, service to others, helping and being helped, working with younger children

Developing Business Skills

• Business, entrepreneurial activities, real work in business community, work experiences

• Running the farm business

• Student-run business, practical operation of school, balancing checkbook and accounting

• Fund raising, dealing with the public

Participating in the Adult World

• Internships, linkage to adult world of work

• Exploring the Natural and Human-Made Environment

• Odyssey trips (challenge, adventure, and work), going on trips, field, trips, learning trips

• Going out into the community, meaningful activity in school and in wider community, community resource exploration, learning to use resources (literary, community, human),

• Real world field experiences, visiting the town, visits to cultural centers (lectures and museums)

• Camping, outdoor experiences, outward bound experiences, land activities, working in gardens

Assuming Responsibility

• Creating and maintaining their environment, decision making, student planning of activities, taking responsibility for learning


• Physical labor, integration of manual labor and academic work, practical living, immersion experiences, living with animals

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